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Law Enforcement Anti-Gang Training


The NGC offers the following trainings for law enforcement: Street Gang Investigator Training, Gang Unit Supervision, and an Anti-Gang Seminar for Law Enforcement Chief Executives. Training schedules are based on availability and are offered to agencies within a geographical region. Trainings are open to personnel from all law enforcement agencies (police and sheriff). Trainings are supported through federal funding, and there are no registration fees to attend.

Street Gang Investigator Training

Street Gang Investigator Training: This three-day class combines basic gang information and more advanced training on gang-related topics for law enforcement agency personnel. The class is designed primarily for sworn officers/analysts assigned to work with street gangs but will also benefit other law enforcement officers or criminal justice personnel who encounter gangs on the street. Learn More


Gang Unit Supervision

Gang Unit Supervision: This class will enable participants to discuss and apply fundamental principles of effective gang unit supervision. Through the review and evaluation of best-practice strategies, participants will be better prepared to develop the most appropriate organizational and management strategies for their department’s gang unit. The information presented is applicable to participants who are forming new gang units as well as those operating existing gang units and multijurisdictional partnerships. Learn More


Anti-Gang Seminar for Law Enforcement Chief Executives

Anti-Gang Seminar for Law Enforcement Chief Executives: This seminar will allow police chiefs, sheriffs, and other law enforcement chief executives to discuss a variety of gang-related topics relevant to law enforcement executives. It is designed to be a collegial, facilitated event in which the participants’ experiences are shared and constitute the educational value. Through discussions, brief scenario-based exercises, and shared resources, participants will learn from their peers while sharing their own experiences. Learn More


Law Enforcement Training Requests

Training events are provided to multiple agencies at a time on a regional basis. More specialized training and technical assistance may be provided upon request. Use this form to request training for law enforcement agencies.

Law Enforcement Training Request Form