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Other Gang-Related Trainings and Conferences


As a complement to the training offered through the National Gang Center, this page lists both federal and regional conference and training information.

Federal Events

These federal entities host conferences and offer training on an ongoing basis.

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP)

OJJDP supports states, local communities, and tribal jurisdictions in their efforts to develop and implement effective programs for juveniles by sponsoring research, program, and training initiatives; developing priorities and goals and setting policies to guide federal juvenile justice issues; disseminating information about juvenile justice issues; and awarding funds to states to support local programming.

OJJDP Conferences

Office of Justice Programs (OJP)

OJP provides federal leadership, grants, training, technical assistance and other resources to improve the nation’s capacity to prevent and reduce crime, assist victims and enhance the rule of law by strengthening the criminal and juvenile justice systems.

Justice Events

Regional Events

These gang events are hosted by regional associations, agencies, or organizations across the country.

Arizona Gang Investigators Association 
16th Annual AZGIA Gang Conference 
August 19-22, 2024
Phoenix, AZ
California Gang Investigators Association
32nd Annual National Gang Conference
July 15-19, 2024
Orange, CA
Colorado S.T.I.N.G.
2024 Annual Conference 
June 9-12, 2024
Copper Mountain, CO
East Coast Gang Investigators Association
ECGIA 22nd Annual Training Conference
The 2023 Annual Gang Conference was held in October. The 2024 conference information is forthcoming.
Rehoboth Beach, DE
Florida Gang Investigators Association
2024 Annual Conference
August 5-9, 2024
Bonita Springs, FL
Georgia Gang Investigators Association
2024 Annual Summer Gang Conference
July 9-12, 2024
Athens, GA
International Latino Gang Investigators Association
2024 Northern California Gang Symposium
April 29-May 1, 2024
Campbell, CA
International Latino Gang Investigators Association
2024 National Gang Conference
August 5-8, 2024
Las Vegas, NV
International Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association
2024 Training Institute
May 5-10, 2024
Orlando, FL
Kansas Gang Investigators Association
The 2024 KGIA Training Conference was held in February. The 2025 conference information is forthcoming.
Mid-Atlantic Regional Gang Investigators Network
The 17th Annual Training Conference 
March 17-20, 2024
Hanover, MD
Midwest Gang Investigators Association
2024 National Conference
May 12-15, 2024
Green Bay, WI
National Alliance of Gang Investigators' Association
2024 World Gang Summit
September 30-October 3, 2024
Lexington, KY
North Carolina Gang Investigators Association
2024 Gangs Across the Carolinas Gang and Violent Crime Conference
August 13-15, 2024
Winston-Salem, NC
Northwest Gang Investigators Association
30th Annual Northwest Gang Investigators Association Training Symposium 
May 6-10, 2024
Airway Heights, WA
Oklahoma Gang Investigators Association
2024 Annual OGIA Gang Conference
June 17-21, 2024
Oklahoma City, OK
Ontario Gang Investigators Association
23rd Annual Ontario Conference
November 18-21, 2024
Windsor, ON
Safer Schools Together
Gangs & Guns Training Symposium
February 15-16, 2024
Vancouver, BC
South Carolina Gang Investigators Association
SCGIA 2024 Annual Training Conference
March 18-21, 2024
Myrtle Beach, SC
Tennessee Gang Investigators Association
26th Annual Training Conference 
August 19-22, 2024
Nashville, TN
Texas Gang Investigators Association
2024 Annual Conference
June 23–28, 2024
San Antonio, TX
Utah Gang Investigators Association
6th Annual UGIA Conference 
April 24-26, 2024
Wendover, NV
Virginia Gang Investigators Association
25th Annual Gang Conference 
October 22-25, 2024
Virginia Beach, VA

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