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Un sitio oficial del Gobierno de Estados Unidos, Departamento de Justicia.


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GANGINFO Exchange is a discussion group that facilitates an informal exchange of ideas, opinions, and interests related to topics such as:

  • Gang member identification (e.g. tattoos, clothing)
  • Gang presence indicators (e.g. graffiti, tagging)
  • Gang activity (excluding law enforcement intelligence)
  • Gang-related news, trends, and research
  • Gang conferences and trainings
  • Gang-related practitioner job opportunities

Who Can Join?

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How Does It Work?

  • Approved members submit messages to the GANGINFO Exchange email address.
  • ALL messages are reviewed for approval by the GANGINFO Moderator following the Terms of Use.
  • Because GANGINFO Exchange uses an unsecured means of transferring mail on the Internet, it is NOT the proper venue for posting information about specific gang members or law enforcement intelligence. This includes any information on an individual that would violate his or her statutory privacy and civil liberties protection.


Join GANGINFO Exchange by filling out the online GANGINFO Exchange Application Form.