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OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model Training and Technical Assistance

Comprehensive Gang Model Technical Assistance Request Form

Additional Training and Technical Assistance

Training and technical assistance are conducted via phone, email consultation, and on-site consultation visits by NGC staff, peer trainers, and subject-matter experts. Assistance includes, but is not limited to, recommendations on selecting conference speakers, implementing strategies associated with OJJDP’s Comprehensive Gang Model, and developing youth gang prevention, intervention, and suppression strategies.

Training and technical assistance topics on implementing strategies associated with the Comprehensive Gang Model include the following:

  • Comprehensive Gang Model overview
  • Planning and conducting an assessment of a community’s gang problem
  • Establishing and maintaining a Steering Committee
  • Developing an implementation plan
  • Establishing and maintaining a multidisciplinary Intervention Team
  • The role of the Lead Agency
  • Project Director training
  • Outreach worker training
  • Developing an evaluation and sustainability plan
  • Developing MOUs
  • Developing local subcontractor proposals
  • Education on risk-factor research

Comprehensive Gang Model Technical Assistance Request Form