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Terms of Use for GANGINFO Exchange


The NGC reserves the right to accept participation in GANGINFO only by persons meeting required access criteria and to moderate messages to ensure that comments and contributions meet NGC expected standards. GANGINFO Exchange exists to promote the sharing of valuable and pertinent gang-related information by its approved members.

  • Application and Membership. The NGC has the sole discretion to reject applicants or to remove current members who do not meet or appear to meet the membership criteria.
  • Message Rejection. The NGC reserves the sole discretion to reject any submitted message that could subject the NGC to liability; could be potentially illegal, defamatory, or inflammatory in tone or nature; or which lacks any factual or other objective basis, relates information known to be untrue, has little or no value to GANGINFO Exchange, or is otherwise, in NGC’s judgment, inappropriate for the discussion group.
  • Do not flame. This discussion group aims to facilitate a cooperative atmosphere among professionals holding various viewpoints. Be open and respectful to other members’ opinions and experiences.
  • Do not slander. GANGINFO Exchange will not post content that may be misconstrued as slanderous in nature.
  • Stay on topic. Please submit content relating to gangs. Examples of content considered "off-topic" are:
    • Partisan political announcements
    • Ideological groups
    • Self-promoting business interests
  • Starting a new message. Include a subject heading for easier identification and archive search. Do not “piggyback” on to an existing topic.
  • Submit responses that are both informative and beneficial to the entire group. Do not use GANGINFO to convey personal messages such as, "I’ll see you at the conference," "Thanks for the information," "Great article," "Me, too, I agree" will not be approved. Send those types of messages directly to the recipient’s email—off list.
  • Identify yourself. NGC suggests including the following information with every message submitted to GANGINFO Exchange:
    • Name
    • Agency/organization/affiliation
    • Contact information (email and/or phone number)

Respect copyright. Copyright protects original authorship fixed in tangible form. For works transmitted online, the copyrightable authorship may consist of text, artwork, music, audiovisual material (including any sounds), sound recordings, etc. Any article, story, editorial, essay, review, etc., sent to GANGINFO Exchange that is not the original work of the sender must either fall within one of the copyright law’s ‘fair use’ options, or must identify the original author, the author’s copyright, a specific indication of the author’s permission to publish.

For further information about U.S. copyright law, we recommend the following document from the U.S. Copyright Office: Copyright Basics

Date Created: November 18, 2020