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Gang Investigations - Tips for Social Media


Gang Investigations—Tips for Social Media — 7/13/2017

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The use and utility of social media for law enforcement gang investigations is a relatively new phenomenon.  While the potential benefits are obvious, it is critical that agencies plan for the use of these tools before they are used.  Fortunately, there are many resources available to help:

  • The provision of training is the key to ultimate success.  The National White Collar Crime Center has a slate of law enforcement-centric social media training opportunities that can benefit all agencies using social media.
  • Is your agency ready for this?  Create an agency-specific checklist to ensure that your social media strategy matches your agency’s vision, goals, and objectives.  This list should include provisions regarding privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties protections; documentation; data storage and purging; and any other legal issues that may impact the agency’s strategy.

As you move forward, do not forget to leverage your partners’ success.  Do you know of an agency that is successfully using social media?  Leverage that agency’s success by learning its tips and techniques to enhance your efforts.


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