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Gang Reduction Initiative of Denver (GRID)


Gang Reduction Initiative of Denver (GRID) — 10/16/2017

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The Gang Reduction Initiative of Denver (GRID) recently celebrated a milestone of having served more than 500 gang-affiliated youth and adults.  The collaborative effort of its Gang Outreach Workers, multi-disciplinary intervention teams, government agencies, service providers, and the community made this achievement possible.  In addition, GRID is in partnership with Dr. David Pyrooz and the University of Colorado at Boulder to conduct an independent evaluation with clients participating in its gang intervention program focusing on three research objectives:

1.    Street Outreach Workers
2.    Attitudes, Behaviors, Identity
3.    Violence and Victimization

Lastly, the National Gang Center sponsored the 2017 Comprehensive Gang Model (CGM) Workshop in Denver, Colorado earlier this summer.  GRID co-hosted this successful event, which included new and existing federally-funded CGM sites from around the country.  To read more about the CGM Workshop and other GRID updates, visit http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1122324074977&ca=d2a37686-d824-400c-b44a-86c5f3f92926.


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