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Police Activities League’s One-Stop Youth Center


Prevention; Ages 6–21


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Promising delinquency structure


The Richmond, California, Police Activities League’s One-Stop Youth Center addresses gang involvement and general delinquency involvement. It was funded under an award from the California Youth Authorities Juvenile and Gang Violence Prevention, Detention, and Public Protection Act of 1998. The One-Stop Youth Center houses educational, recreational, social, and athletic programs for youth ages 6–21. Among other functions, it provides a positive alternative to unstructured after-school activity. This is but one of many examples of youth programs provided by police departments across the country through the National Association of Police Activities Leagues.

Richmond PAL’s main program activities include:
- Education & Computer Technology
- Sports & Team Play
- Bike Safety & Education
- Digital Music Recording & Education
- Cultural & Field Trips Activities
- Youth Leadership\Director Council
- Aquatic Camp & Water safety
- Summer Day Camp
- Computer Excellence Center (CEC)

Risk Factors

Antisocial/delinquent beliefs
Conduct disorders (authority conflict/rebellious/stubborn/disruptive/antisocial)
General delinquency involvement
High alcohol/drug use
Physical violence/aggression
Poor refusal skills
Feeling unsafe in the neighborhood
Low neighborhood attachment
Neighborhood youth in trouble
Association with antisocial/aggressive/delinquent peers; high peer delinquency
Association with gang-involved peers/relatives


National Gang Center: Promising program structure


Officer Larry Lewis
Executive Director
Richmond Police Activities League
2200 MacDonald Avenue
Richmond, CA 94804
Phone: (510) 621-1221
Fax: (510) 215-8085
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site: http://www.ci.richmond.ca.us/1044/Police-Activities-League

Date Created: April 7, 2021