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Street Gang Investigator Training


Street Gang Investigator Training: This three-day class offers not only basic, entry-level training, but more advanced gang training for law enforcement agencies and features research- and field-based information tailored for regional applicability. These trainings provide instruction on how to recognize and identify gang members and their insignia; ways to develop sources of information about gang activities within the community and through social media investigative techniques; how to manage confidential gang informants and witnesses; management and policy issues; strategies for suppressing gang activity; and multijurisdictional approaches to gang investigations. These curricula have been developed, tested, and presented throughout the United States. Training modules are taught by experts in the field, all with ten or more years of real-world experience.

The Street Gang Intelligence module of the Street Gang Investigator Training is available online and should be completed prior to the on-site training. Material from the online course will be referenced but not covered during the in-class portion of the training. This training is an 80-minute, self-paced course. To register for and complete the online Street Gang Intelligence Training, go to: https://nationalgangcenter.ojp.gov/online-training.

Target Audience

The class is designed primarily for sworn officers/analysts assigned to work with street gangs but will also benefit other law enforcement officers or criminal justice personnel who encounter gangs on the street.

Course topics may include the following:

  • Basic Gang Awareness: Recognition, Identification, and Documentation
  • Developing, Managing, and Interviewing Gang Sources/Witnesses
  • Regional Gang Briefing
  • Prevention/Intervention and the Role of Law Enforcement
  • Gang Investigations in the New Era of Policing
  • Gang Suppression Strategies
  • Trial Prep for the Gang Cop
  • Social Media Investigations

Registration Information

Currently, no Street Gang Investigator Training courses have been scheduled. Please continue to check this site for schedule updates.