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Law Enforcement Training Request


The NGC offers training to law enforcement agencies on topics regarding street gang suppression, investigations, and gang unit supervision, as well as seminars for law enforcement chief executives. Training events are provided to multiple agencies at a time on a regional basis. More specialized training and technical assistance may be provided upon request.

SECTION I—Requestor Information

SECTION II—Jurisdictional Information

Briefly describe the level of gang activity in your jurisdiction and surrounding jurisdictions.
Does your agency have or have access to crime analysts dedicated to gang documentation and analysis?
Is there a dedicated state prosecutor in your jurisdiction assigned to gang cases?
Is your agency part of a multiagency gang task force or a street crimes task force?

SECTION III—Type of Training Requested

List general topics or specific areas of expertise requested for this training.
List the intended recipients for this training request. For example, chief executive and command staff members, patrol officers, gang investigators, crime analysts, task force members.
(minimum of three months scheduling time)
Is there a no-cost training facility available for this type of training?