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Strategies Ages 0-2



  • Conduct a communitywide assessment of risk and protective factors for delinquency and gang involvement.
  • Conduct a communitywide assessment of the gang problem.
    1. Acknowledge the gang problem.
    2. Form an agreement among stakeholders to work together in addressing the gang problem.
    3. Set goals and objectives.
    4. Develop and integrate relevant services and strategies.
    5. Create a one-stop center that addresses gang involvement and general delinquency involvement with individual problem assessment, services, service referral, and recreational activities.
    6. Implement an evaluation of outcomes.
  • Develop a strategic action plan to address the interrelationship of juvenile delinquency and gang problems, consisting of prevention activities.
  • Involve community stakeholders in establishing clear and consistent social norms and effective social policies.
  • Support first-time, low-income mothers with education, nutrition, health, safety, and human service resources to improve maternal, prenatal, and early childhood health and well-being.
Date Created: December 16, 2020